Detlef Angermann

Detlef is a senior scientist at the Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut of the Technical University of Munich (DGFI-TUM). He is head of the Focus Area "Reference Systems" and his research focuses on the analysis of space geodetic observations for the realization of reference systems and the determination of Earth system parameters. He is director of the GGOS (Global Geodetic Observing System) Office of Products and Standards.

Geodetic reference frames – Why do we need them?

Geodetic reference frames – Why do we need them?

  A geodetic reference frame provides the foundation for determining positions on Earth and in space, as well as for reliably quantifying our planet’s changes due to geodynamic processes and ongoing climate change. The ITRF ensures a uniform basis to tackle current and future challenges, including a wide range of location-based applications (navigation, traffic and fleet management, transport ...[Read More]

Geodesy 101 Literature

Blackboard with the Geodesy 101 short course title

During this year’s EGU General Assembly (GA) we held the first Geodesy 101 Short Course, where we gave an introduction to satellite gravimetry, GNSS processing and geodetic reference frames. We want to thank all of you who attended in-person or virtually, and made the short course a great experience! Please provide us feedback, if you have attended the short course here. At the GA, we were only ab ...[Read More]