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Navigating the EGU General Assembly, short course for Early Career Scientists

If you are an Early Career Scientist (ECS) your first experience at the EGU General Assembly can be a bit bewildering with the sheer numbers of sessions and people milling around.

You might find it worthwhile attending a short course on:  “How to navigate the EGU, Tips & Tricks”  (SC36):”

Monday 18th of April; 12.15 – 13.15; Room -2.85

Although aimed at ECS it is open to everyone, with special focus for those who are attending the EGU for the first time. The aim is to help these first-time-EGU-ers to find their way at the conference and help them to make the most out of it

Posted on behalf of the short course coordinators, Anouk Beniest and João Duarte

Sian Loveless is Early Career Scientist representative for the Energy Resources and Environment Division of the EGU. She is a Hydrogeologist at the British Geological Survey. Following her PhD Sian spent two years working in the Geothermal Energy sector in Belgium. She completed her PhD on the hydrogeological properties of faults in sediment, at the University of East Anglia, during which time she undertook a policy internship at the Centre for Science and Policy. Her BSc was in Environmental Earth Science.

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