Cryospheric Sciences
Woman in khaki jacket besides a penguin graffiti.

Veronica Tollenaar

Veronica Tollenaar is a FNRS-funded PhD student at the Université libre de Bruxelles. She investigates the role of Antarctic blue ice areas as climate archives and meteorite stranding zones. To this end, data-driven techniques are used in which a variety of remote sensing observations can be combined to obtain continent-wide analyses.

Blue ice in Antarctica: small extent, big science

A figure with a map of Antarctica in the middle, and 8 zoomed in sections of it showing blue ice areas.

Kggk kggk kggk – the sound of crampons accompanies me. A thin layer of snow covers the slippery ice while I pull a sled. As I wipe my hand over the snow, underneath, a blue color glitters in the sun (Figure 2). In the last days it has been snowing in the White Desert (Antarctica). All blue ice we could see before is temporarily covered by a thin blanket, perfect to pull a sled. However, this snow ...[Read More]