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What not to miss at this year’s EGU General Assembly

What not to miss at this year’s EGU General Assembly

We are already half way through April and that means that this year’s EGU General Assembly (GA) is just around the corner. Whether this will be your first, second or seventh EGU GA, you are probably still overwhelmed by the jungle of opportunities there are – courses, medal lectures, talks, discussions, poster sessions – no? We certainly still are and that’s why we always collect our favorite “not to miss” programme points on our blog. Today we are sharing our highlights (and some additional tips) with you on how to make the most of your EGU experience, beyond the scientific sessions that you are presenting at. Other scheduled events such as short courses, networking events, Town Halls, and Union Symposia are a great way to advance your career and academic well-being beyond your scientific expertise!


How to get started? With these short courses (SC)!


More short courses

(always an inspiring and informative alternative to get a break from talks and posters)

Short courses on career development


Short courses on writing and communicating


For the (future) parents


Meetings, Networking and Get-togethers

Make sure to regularly check out the Pop-up Networking Events page to see all the different ways you can meet other like minded scientists–there may be an event just for you organised at the last minute!

  • Division Meeting (DM3) – Thursday 27/04,12:45-13:45 (Room N1)
  • Cryosphere division-wide social event – Wednesday 26/04, 20:00 – 22:00: Brandauers Schlossbräu
  • EGU Cryosphere Blog Lunch – Tuesday 25/04 12:45 – 13:45: Meeting point next to the EGU INFO Stand – Yellow Level (ground floor), bring your own lunch
  • CR Division Women and Non-binary Meet-up – Wednesday 26/04 12:45: Meeting point next to the EGU INFO Stand – Yellow Level (ground floor), bring your own lunch
  • SC2.3 – Monday 24/04, 10:45-12:30: How to build and grow your scientific network?


Cryosphere Division medal lectures

Session MAL18: Come meet our Division Medal winners Etienne Berthier and Harry Zekollari, and find out about their outstanding research achievements to Cryospheric Science and their service to our wonderful community! Additionally, this year’s Milankovic Medal lecture by Bette L. Otto-Bliesner on paleoclimatology may also be of interest to our division members.


Climate action discussions

Townhall meetings

Oral/Poster presentations

Splinter meeting


General tips

  • Get out of your comfort zone and also listen to some talks outside your field – you might be surprised 🙂
  • Don’t forget to also take breaks! The conference center is directly located next to a beautiful park (you can enjoy the cherry blossoms) and the river
  • Take time to plan your week schedule ahead: we will also be posting a collated daily scientific calendar on our Twitter page every morning during the week of EGU!
  • Check out EGU today for further highlights (available through the EGU23 app).
  • For last-minute announcements, make sure to follow us and the EGU on twitter (#EGU23, #vEGU23) – we will be posting daily updates.

If you just like to have a chat come and find us, we are always happy to chat…. Find us in our favorite events, during the networking evening or the Cryolunch on Tuesday.

We wish you an amazing and inspiring EGU GA 2023!

Also check out our previous posts (they might still be helpful) and the EGU’s first-timers post. 🙂

The EGU Cryoblog Team

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