Rehemat is a brown-skinned woman, wearing a globe costume depicting the Earth. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail, and she is standing on a wooden box in a pedestrianised shopping area

Rehemat Bhatia (Pal(a)eoPERCS Funding Officer)

I am a micropalaeontologist and geochemist by training. I did my undergrad at Royal Holloway (University of London) and my PhD at University College London. My doctoral and subsequent postdoctoral research focused on using trace element and isotope geochemistry of Paleocene, Eocene and Miocene planktonic foraminifera to understand more about their responses to dramatic climate change and disentangling their palaeoecologies. I now work outside of academia, but I still keep geoscience in my life through community service endeavours (like Pal(a)eoPERCS) and doing science outreach in my spare time. On the Pal(a)eoPERCS Committee I co-ordinate our funding applications and identify financial support avenues. I am also the Co-Chair of Member Events for the Earth Science Women’s Network.

Guest post: Pal(a)eoPERCS

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June 2020, amidst a global COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing and isolation brought the world to a standstill, a grassroots seminar series (Pal(a)eoPERCS) was started with the aim to bolster scholarly engagement and create a convivial space through weekly virtual seminars for Early Career Researchers and Professionals (ECRs).  Three years later, with June 2023 quickly approaching, Pal(a)eoP ...[Read More]