Fantasy Bottled Water Brands of Tomorrow: Ogallala Water

Fantasy Bottled Water Brands of Tomorrow: Ogallala Water

We are peering into the not-so-distant future to imagine what the brand geniuses of the future will be serving up for discerning water consumers!

The Brand: Ogallala
Source: Great Plains
Why? Deep down, you know you love it.

Promotional Copy:

Ogallala Water: GET PUMPED.

Swill waters run deep so we go deep, deep, deep into the Great Plains water table to pipe this ancient, undisturbed water to your table. No raunchy reuse here. Ogallala Water is guaranteed free of questionable recharge sources and serves up 30% less* in every freshly-pumped bottle.

*50% less in some areas. Supplies are limited.

Parody Ogallala Bottled Water

Consume less fantasy and more facts at:

Reposted with permission from thristyinsuburbia.com.

I am a hydrogeologist at University of Victoria, Canada who is interested in groundwater sustainability, mega-scale groundwater systems, groundwater recharge and discharge and fluid flow around geologic structures. My goal is fundamental and applied research and teaching to enable sustainable groundwater use.

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