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Private solutions, public science: how to bridge the gap?

Private solutions, public science: how to bridge the gap?

The urgency around many sustainability issues leads some billionaire investors to throw caution in the wind, frustrated with the pace of academic research. Robert Emberson sympathises with private projects like the Ocean Cleanup, even when things go wrong. ‘How’, he asks, ‘might we build a constructive bridge between ambitious entrepreneurs and scientific sceptics? ‘ Reading and writing about sust ...[Read More]

Hazards Education Booklet: Call for Contributions

GfGD are involved in an international project on Sustainable Resource Development of the Himalaya (see, which will cumulate in the delivery of a students’ programme in Ladakh, India, in June 2014. We are inviting students from across our network to submit material to be included in a booklet that will be used during teaching, and also given to the participating ...[Read More]

Dialogues for Disaster Anticipation and Resilience – Your Help Needed!!

Following a recent discussion with staff at the Humanitarian Futures Programme, an independent policy research initiative based at King’s College London, an important opportunity emerged for YOU to support one of their programmes. The ‘Dialogues for Disaster Anticipation and Resilience’ project is designed to bridge the gap between those who make science and those who use science ...[Read More]

GfGD News and Updates

The summer is a busy period for many people and it can be hard to keep track of all that is going on. We’re taking the opportunity today to give you an update on GfGD’s work, and key ways in which YOU can get involved… Blog & Image Competition There is still time (just!) to apply for our 2013 blog and image competition, full details can be found here. The deadline is midday t ...[Read More]