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Earthquake Education in Central Asia

Join us on Thursday 29th October at King’s College London, for a special documentary viewing and discussion with Solmaz Mohadjer, founder of earthquake-education charity ‘Parsquake’. Parsquake is an organisation working to develop, implement, improve and distribute earthquake education packages all around Central Asia, particularly Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. Solmaz Mohadjer, a seismi ...[Read More]

Nepal Earthquakes – Latest Reading

Whilst geologists are often trained in the technical aspects of natural hazards, our courses are often devoid of information on what causes disasters, how we can better avoid them and effective disaster management. Recent events in Nepal highlight that hazard does not simply equal disaster, but that we must understand what drives exposure and vulnerability to be so high in certain parts of the wor ...[Read More]

Nepal Earthquake – Further Reading

At the weekend we published a selection of reading on the geological and humanitarian aspects of the Nepal earthquake. Over recent days much has been written reflecting on aspects of disaster relief and learning lessons as soon as possible from this awful event, to reduce the impact of future geohazards. These articles are accessible and give geoscientists much to consider: Ilan Kelman (UCL IRDR) ...[Read More]

Tragedy in the Himalaya – Largest Earthquake for 80 years in Nepal

(Updated: 27th April 2015) Almost all of you will have seen the tragic news coming from Nepal. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the region between Pokhara and Kathmandu, with at least 1000 killed at the time of writing. This number is likely to go up in the coming hours and days as the true extent of the devastation becomes apparent. Here we note some recommend reading and news sources on the eve ...[Read More]