I’m a Geoscientist

GeoEd: New educational activities at the EGU!

In the past few months, the EGU worked particularly hard on its educational activities. The Committee on Education organised no less than three  GIFT workshops and, with the help of Jane Robb, who took part in EGU’s Educational Fellowship, the Union has expanded its education portfolio. Here Jane shares these new and exciting EGU educational initiatives, which range from action-packed online ...[Read More]

GeoEd: I’m a geoscientist, get me back in there!

There are a lot of ways to learn new things, but little beats putting your questions to the expert and finding out the latest science, straight from the source, which is why we’re running an event to do just that – I’m a Geoscientist, Get me out of here! James Hickey, a volcanologist from the University of Bristol, tells us why he put himself in the firing line and entered a similar competition (I ...[Read More]

Scientists are humans

The title of this article may come as a bit of a shock, but it’s true. Scientists aren’t born scientists; they start off just like any other person and one day decide that the natural world is fascinating enough to them that they want to make a career out of figuring out its secrets. But, sometimes it is hard as an ‘outsider’ to see into science, especially academia. Sometimes it can seem like sci ...[Read More]

I’m a Geoscientist – Get me out of here! Apply to take part in our 2014 launch event!

Imagine a talent show where contestants get voted off dependant on their skills in their area of choice. Then imagine that this talent show is populated by scientists with school students voting them off based on the scientist’s ability to communicate their research well. This is the basis of the EGU’s new educational (for both students and scientists!) initiative to launch in June 2014. The EGU h ...[Read More]