#shareEGU20: the Data Help Desk and VR Outcrops!

#shareEGU20: the Data Help Desk and VR Outcrops!

Alongside the regular scientific offer, some of our members have very kindly agreed to run activities online, so keep an eye out for them during the week! Today we focus on the digital Data Help Desk and a guide to VR and Virtual Outcrops.   Do you have data-related questions? Are you looking to make your data and/or software open and FAIR? Are you interested in tools and resources for workin ...[Read More]

Short courses at EGU 2014

This year there is a suite of super short courses to choose from at the General Assembly. You can supercharge your scientific skills, broaden your base in science communication and pick up tips on how to boost your career – be it in academia or outside. Here’s what’s in store at EGU 2014: Supercharge your science – new techniques and dealing with data Scale, scaling and multifractals i ...[Read More]