Whats on at #vEGU21: getting creative with the Kids Art activity!

Whats on at #vEGU21: getting creative with the Kids Art activity!

Alongside our regular scientific offer during the two weeks of #vEGU21, we are very excited to announce the return of one of our most popular parallel events – the EGU Kids’ Art initiative! Read on to find out how your kids can get into our Kids Art Online Hall of Fame…


This year the EGU kid’s art activity is going online – again!

For 2021 the Natural Hazards and Cryospheric Sciences Divisions have teamed up to host the annual Kids’ Art initiative, which usually takes place at the General Assembly. The initiative was hosted online for the first time last year during #shareEGU20, and it was a great success! So why not repeat it this year? Challenge accepted, we said!

We have thought long and hard about a theme and how we could include all the different EGU Divisions, and it occurred to us that it has been a busy year for natural hazards and phenomena. From forest fires to volcanic eruptions, from iceberg calving to flooding, record-breaking temperatures, and intense hurricanes. Plenty to reflect upon and be inspired by, and a light bulb went on: ‘Extreme e-ART-h’ it will be!

Extreme e-ART-h logo created by Hannah Turton.

The theme is set; now, we look forward to your child’s unique creation and interpretation of the wild, natural and extreme conditions surrounding us!  Feel free to use whatever materials are at your disposal to help your kids get creative. Let their imaginations run wild to showcase Earth’s extreme phenomena and beyond!

During the two weeks of the virtual conference (19-30 April), we will share the kids’ creations on our social media accounts and in a special EGU Kids Art gallery on the official EGU blog (check out last year’s post for more inspiration!).

Send photographs of your Extreme e-ART-h pieces to or add #EGUartKIDS to your social media post to be re-shared!

Jenny Turton is a post doc researcher at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. Her research focuses on polar meteorology and the interaction between atmospheric processes and ice in Greenland. She is also the incoming deputy union-level Early Career Scientist (ECS) representative for EGU. She tweets from @TurtonJ1990.

Valeria Cigala is originally from Italy and is currently a postdoc research fellow at LMU Munich. She works on explosive volcanic eruptions and related hazards. She is actively taking part in the realization of the Blog for the Natural Hazard Division of EGU because scientific outreach is important and never enough.

Ira works as Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Marine Systems at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia and in Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev in Russia. She has published more than 70 papers in reputed journals and was awarded the Plinius Medal by EGU (2010) and L’Oreal-UNESCO fellowship “For Women in Science” (2014). Her research interests lie in the field of extreme sea waves, such as tsunami and freak waves.

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