EGU GA 2020

#shareEGU20: commenting and what happens to your displays

#shareEGU20: commenting and what happens to your displays

Now that the week of #shareEGU20 is over, you may be wondering what happens to your display materials. As the materials have been uploaded to our new digital repository, EGUsphere, they will remain available online in their current format for the foreseeable future. Remember to check the copyright selected by the author if you want to interact with any of the uploads, and feel free to contact the ...[Read More]

#shareEGU20: Science through Lego photography!

During the week of #shareEGU20 we were very fortunate that both of our Artists in Residence, Stacy Phillips and Priyanka das Rajkakati agreed to participate virtually. We will feature some of Priyanka’s work in a later post, but in case you missed it during the week we wanted to share some of Stacy’s photography, to perhaps give you some ideas about how you can represent, communicate a ...[Read More]