GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

Each month we feature specific Divisions of EGU and during the monthly GeoRoundup we put the journals that publish science from those Divisions at the top of the Highlights roundup. For April as we celebrated the General Assembly we are not highlighting any specific Division, so this month our GeoRoundup Journals will be alphabetical!


All highlights for April!


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:

Uncertainty in aerosol–cloud radiative forcing is driven by clean conditions – 21 April 2023

Foreign emissions exacerbate PM2.5 pollution in China through nitrate chemistry – 24 April 2023


Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

Influence of ozone and humidity on PTR-MS and GC-MS VOC measurements with and without a Na2S2O3 ozone scrubber – 7 April 2023



Particulate organic matter in the Lena River and its delta: from the permafrost catchment to the Arctic Ocean – 28 April 2023


Climate of the Past:

The new Kr-86 excess ice core proxy for synoptic activity: West Antarctic storminess possibly linked to Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) movement through the last deglaciation – 12 April 2023


Geoscientific Model Development:

Reproducible and relocatable regional ocean modelling: fundamentals and practices – 10 April 2023


Hydrology and Earth System Sciences:

Patterns and drivers of water quality changes associated with dams in the Tropical Andes – 26 April 2023


Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences:

Performance of the flood warning system in Germany in July 2021 – insights from affected residents – 3 April 2023

A climate-conditioned catastrophe risk model for UK flooding – 5 April 2023

Brief communication: On the extremeness of the July 2021 precipitation event in western Germany – 17 April 2023

A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe – Part 2: Historical context and relation to climate change – 19 April 2023


Weather and Climate Dynamics:

Investigation of links between dynamical scenarios and particularly high impact of Aeolus on numerical weather prediction (NWP) forecasts Author(s): Anne Martin, Martin Weissmann, and Alexander Cress – 14 April 2023


EGU science in the news – April 2023

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