How to make the most of EGU23: from EGU Events Co-ordinator Jane Roussak

How to make the most of EGU23: from EGU Events Co-ordinator Jane Roussak

The countdown to EGU23 continues and we are now only DAYS away from the much anticipated conference week. With an event of such size and scale, it’s no surprise that some people – particularly first time attendees – may find it intimidating or confusing to navigate the week. So today I decided to talk to Jane Roussak, EGU Events Co-Ordinator  to ask her for some last minute tips to make the most of EGU23. Read on and feel free to share with others too!


Hi Jane, thanks for your time and for agreeing to do this short interview! Before we get into it, could you tell us a little about your role at EGU?

Sure! I started as the EGU Events Co-ordinator back in January 2022 — a new role focused on the organization of the annual EGU General Assembly. I work closely with the Programme Committee and its Co-chairs as well as our conference organizing partner, Copernicus Meetings, to realize Europe’s largest geoscientific conference! Believe it or not, the cycle of planning the General Assembly keeps me busy most of the year, but I also find time to arrange other (much smaller) meetings and support the Topical Events Committee.


It sounds like there is so much to expect from the upcoming EGU23 General Assembly! What do you suggest for participants to keep track of their conference week schedule?

Whether you’re joining us in Vienna or tuning in virtually (or a combination of the two), creating a personal programme is the best way to keep yourself organized during the busy week, ensuring you don’t miss any important sessions. You can populate your personal programme on the EGU23 website or with the EGU23 app (available for iOS and Android) — just press the star near the programme entry and voilà! Pro tip: click the star once for yellow and twice for red, to differentiate items of interest and your priority sessions.


As someone who’s not very good with directions, I’m certain I’m not the only who finds it challenging to navigate the conference centre! Is there a way to be better prepared?

The EGU23 floor plans are just the tool needed to navigate the conference centre with ease. Download them on our website or keep them in the palm of your hand with the mobile app. For important sessions (such as ones you’re contributing to), alleviate last-minute pressure by checking the room location in advance. You’ll notice that each level of the Austria Center Vienna, our venue, is associated with a distinct colour, helping direct you to where you need to be!


Could you tell our readers about how they can pick up their name badge and transit pass for the conference week?

On-site participants can collect their conference name badge in Hall X5 throughout the week — just make sure to bring a valid piece of photo identification. If you have the chance, skip the Monday morning rush by stopping by on Sunday, 23 April between 12:00 and 18:00 CEST. Bonus: you’ll be set-up with a public transit pass for Monday-Friday, printed on the back of the badge! View the full name-badge pick-up hours here.


How can conference attendees do their bit by contributing to a green EGU?

Skip the plastic water bottles/disposable coffee cups and bring your own reusable drink vessel! Tap water in Vienna is both safe to drink and delicious — take advantage of our water refill stations and two coffee breaks per day with peace of mind. We also encourage participants to opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation to/from the conference and within Vienna itself. Not only is Vienna very well-connected by public transit, it’s also a great place to explore by bike. For more ideas on what you could do, visit our blog and Green EGU webpage.


For many participants, this will be their first time attending an EGU General Assembly. What can they do to make sure they are prepared for the conference?

Whether you’re a convener, presenter or an audience member, we’ve put together some instructional video guides to help you feel confident in what to expect at EGU23! Watch the short videos below:


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Audience Member

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And finally, do you have some sage advice to leave us with to make the most of the EGU23 experience?

An exciting and busy week can become draining if you don’t prioritize your well-being. Make sure to dress comfortably, stay hydrated, and take proper breaks. Also important: don’t forget to have fun! Wishing you an enjoyable #EGU23 or #vEGU23 experience.

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