GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during March!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during March!

Each month we feature specific Divisions of EGU and during the monthly GeoRoundup we put the journals that publish science from those Divisions at the top of the Highlights roundup. For March as we approach the General Assembly we are not highlighting any specific Division, so this month our GeoRoundup Journals will be alphabetical!


All highlights for March!


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:

Natural marine cloud brightening in the Southern Ocean – 13 March 2023


Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

Atmospheric boundary layer height from ground-based remote sensing: a review of capabilities and limitations – 3 March 2023



Permafrost degradation and nitrogen cycling in Arctic rivers: insights from stable nitrogen isotope studies – 1 March 2023

The influence of elevated CO2 and soil depth on rhizosphere activity and nutrient availability in a mature Eucalyptus woodland – 17 March 2023

The dispersal of fluvially discharged and marine, shelf-produced particulate organic matter in the northern Gulf of Mexico – 24 March 2023

Nitrous oxide (N2O) synthesis by the freshwater cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa – 27 March 2023


Climate of the Past:

Investigating hydroclimatic impacts of the 168–158 BCE volcanic quartet and their relevance to the Nile River basin and Egyptian history  8 March 2023


Earth System Dynamics:

Robust global detection of forced changes in mean and extreme precipitation despite observational disagreement on the magnitude of change – 6 March 2023


Geoscientific Model Development:

Introducing CRYOWRF v1.0: multiscale atmospheric flow simulations with advanced snow cover modelling – 10 March 2023


Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences:

Review article: Potential of nature-based solutions to mitigate hydro-meteorological risks in sub-Saharan Africa – 17 March 2023

A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exceptional flood event of July 2021 in central Europe – Part 1: Event description and analysis – 20 March 2023


Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics:

A range of outcomes: the combined effects of internal variability and anthropogenic forcing on regional climate trends over Europe – 29 March 2023



Semantics about soil organic carbon storage: DATA4C+, a comprehensive thesaurus and classification of management practices in agriculture and forestry – 22 March 2023


The Cryosphere:

Slowdown of Shirase Glacier, East Antarctica, caused by strengthening alongshore winds – 15 March 2023


EGU science in the news – March 2023

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