GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

GeoRoundup: the highlights of EGU Journals published during April!

Each month we feature specific Divisions of EGU and during the monthly GeoRoundup we put the journals that publish science from those Divisions at the top of the Highlights roundup. For April as we approach the General Assembly we are not highlighting any specific Division, so this month our GeoRoundup Journals will be alphabetical!


All highlights for April


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:

Dependency of the impacts of geoengineering on the stratospheric sulfur injection strategy – Part 1: Intercomparison of modal and sectional aerosol modules – 4 April 2022


Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:

Evaluating the PurpleAir monitor as an aerosol light scattering instrument – 27 April 2022



Not all biodiversity rich spots are climate refugia – 1 April 2022

Representativeness assessment of the pan-Arctic eddy covariance site network and optimized future enhancements – 18 April 2022

Late Neogene evolution of modern deep-dwelling plankton 25 April 2022


Climate of the Past:

Vegetation change across the Drake Passage region linked to late Eocene cooling and glacial disturbance after the Eocene–Oligocene transition 20 April 2022


Geoscientific Model Development:

Impact of increased resolution on long-standing biases in HighResMIP-PRIMAVERA climate models – 11 April 2022

The Whole Antarctic Ocean Model (WAOM v1.0): development and evaluation – 15 April 2022


Hydrology and Earth System Sciences:

Improved representation of agricultural land use and crop management for large-scale hydrological impact simulation in Africa using SWAT+ – 8 April 2022


Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics:

How many modes are needed to predict climate bifurcations? Lessons from an experiment – 22 April 2022


Ocean Science:

Arctic sea level variability from high-resolution model simulations and implications for the Arctic observing system – 6 April 2022



Rhizodeposition efficiency of pearl millet genotypes assessed on a short growing period by carbon isotopes (δ13C and F14C) – 13 April 2022

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