#shareEGU20: meet the Virtual Press Assistants!

#shareEGU20: meet the Virtual Press Assistants!

This year, as you know, EGU’s annual meeting is taking place online, which means that there is even more to communicate to our members than usual! So we recruited three Virtual Press Assistants in order to help the communications team out. These amazing volunteers include two master’s students from Switzerland: Laura Endres and Bjorn Bauhofer, as well as Margot Courtillat, who just earned her doctoral degree in Paleoclimatology.

Let’s let them introduce themselves here:


Laura Endres

I am a sound designer who’s currently pursuing a master’s in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences at ETH Zürich. I like to use my mixed background to ask curious questions about the universe and share them with the broader public using various media.

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. —Eleanor Roosevelt



Margot Courtillat

I recently earned a doctoral degree in Paleoceanography from the University of Perpignan in France. During my studies I specialized in microfossil (foraminifera) recognition and geochemistry (Nd and Sr isotopes). Since my IOPD expedition in the Amundsen Sea in January 2019, during which I was in charge of writing a daily expedition blog, I learned that I really enjoy communicating about science through a blog. This is the main reason why I applied to be a (virtual) press assistant at the EGU this year!

Who despises little things will never have big. – French proverb, 1842


Björn Bauhofer

I’m Björn Bauhofer, a master’s student who is currently finishing my degree in Engineering Geology at ETH Zürich. I’m a passionate photographer and videographer with a specialisation in documenting events and producing timelapses. The EGU General Assembly would have been a fantastic opportunity to combine my passion with my developing scientific proficiency. Instead, I’ll be applying my skills to help the EGU with video editing.




Thanks to all our Virtual Press Assistants for helping out – if you see any of them virtually during the week, say hi!

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Hazel Gibson is Head of Communications at the European Geosciences Union. She is responsible for the management of the Union's social media presence and the EGU blogs, where she writes regularly for the EGU's official blog, GeoLog. She has a PhD in Geoscience Communication and Cognition from the University of Plymouth in the UK. Hazel tweets @iamhazelgibson.

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