Resource site for young scientists launched!

Early career researchers make up a large proportion of the EGU membership and students (both graduate and undergraduate) regularly make up about a third of General Assembly participants. With so many young scientists involved in the EGU, it’s time we had something that caters for them – the young scientists’ website!

The new website is a hub of information on jobs, events and resources that relate to young scientists in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Here’s a quick introduction to what’s online:

  • Careers – this section highlights research positions in the geosciences that are relevant to both recent graduates and early career researchers.
  • Events – want to pick up some new skills or share your work with other young scientists? You can find some great training courses, workshops, and meetings here.
  • Resources – a database of digital resources with tips on topics such as how to find a job, write a grant, or review a paper, as well as ways to communicate your work with a wider audience.
  • Get Involved! – this is your chance to get involved with the European Geosciences Union. Get in touch with us if you have some feedback or would like to do more.

There will be more information on what’s on at the General Assembly for young scientists coming online as EGU 2014 approaches – stay tuned!

Young scientists at EGU 2013

Young scientists at EGU 2013

Would you like to see a little more of something else on the site? Send your feedback to the EGU Communications Officer, Sara Mynott.

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