GeoCinema Online: The extremes

In our final instalment of GeoCinema Online, we’ve put together a collection of climate and weather documentaries covering the incredibly hot and incredibly cold, together with the extreme events that shape our planet. Settle into your sofa and enjoy some scintillating science!

Fennec: Into the Saharan Cauldron

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The central Sahara has one of the most extreme climates on Earth, but prior to the Fennec expedition, little was known about the impact this region had on the rest of the world’s weather patterns. This short film covers the story of the observations made of the Central Sahara in the summers of 2011 and 2012. It tells the story of a dedicated set of specialists both on the ground and in the air who managed to deliver the most comprehensive field campaign ever mounted in this fiercely hot and inhospitable region.

The Boiling Sea

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The Mediterranean, especially the deeper parts, is warming up faster than the other seas on the planet. This film takes a look at the effect this is having on the Mediterranean ecosystem as a whole, from nutrient fluxes and algal blooms to the impact declining fish populations are having on local economies. Drawing on the regions geological history and our present interaction with the environment The Boiling Sea documents the history of the Mediterranean region and proposes new solutions to problems currently faced here.

Expedition Blue Planet: Age of Limits

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The Colorado River powers city lights and fuel urban growth and agriculture, supplying the energy demands of 30 million people across seven states through the Hover Dam. Today, a combination of drought and overuse have drained it half dry leaving a 135 foot high “bathtub ring” mark around Lake Mead. This film explores what the future holds for the region.

Towards Absolute Zero

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And in “Towards Absolute Zero” Oxford sparks presents a ride to the land of the extremely cold in a short and informative animation.

Dead Heat

This film takes a closer look at extreme weather events and highlights the importance of accurate meteorological records. Using a blog to challenge a historical temperature record in El Azizia, Lybia – a suspicious 58 ºC high. You can watch this one here.

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