GeoCinema Online: Space & Planetary Science

If you were at our General Assembly, you probably spotted GeoCinema, or took a moment to catch your breath between sessions and relax with a geological film. But with all the science to be heard and discussions to join, watching the full programme would have been impossible. How do we get around this? By bringing GeoCinema straight to your living room!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a delightful series of films in fields across the Earth sciences. To start the show we’ve lined up a feast of fantastic space and planetary science documentaries, so go grab some popcorn, pull up a chair and settle into some super space science!

Rosetta’s Comet Touchdown

What does a scientist do to help visualise a spacecraft’s journey? Build a model of course. A model of Europe’s Rosetta comet chaser constructed out of LEGO blocks started small and has grown into a Europe-wide project to build Rosetta Lander Education kit!

Europe to the stars

From site testing and explaining the best conditions for observing the sky to how telescopes are built and the mysteries of the Universe astronomers are unravelling, this movie takes us through 50 years of Exploring the Southern Sky.

Hubble: 15 years of discovery

This film takes a look at how the Hubble Space Telescope has advanced out knowledge of the universe. With spellbinding footage photographs taken from Hubble, this film presents some of the major discoveries Hubble has helped us achieve, from enhancing our understanding of wormholes and black monsters to the details of event horizons.

Space to Relax: Paolo Nespoli’s collection of photos

A breathtaking collection of photos taken by ESA Astronaut Paolo Nespoli during his 6-month mission on the International Space Station 25 December 2010 – 24 May 2011.

Space to Relax: Our colourful planet

Images in HD quality taken by the optical and radar instruments on board ESA’s Envisat Satellite orbiting 800 km above the Earth are set to relaxing music.

Still looking for more? Stay tuned for the next instalment of GeoCinema Online!


Rosetta’s Comet Touchdown: Lightcurve Films/Maarten Roos, ESA, DLR, Europlanet, LEGO (source)

Europe to the stars: ESO (source)

Hubble: 15 years of discovery: ESA (source)

Space to Relax: Paolo Nespoli’s collection of photos: ESA/Paolo Nespoli (source)

Space to Relax: Our colourful planet: ESA (source)

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