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Hacker attack led to spams on our SSP blog page

Dear Readers of the SSP Blog,

Today, we detected suspicious and non-approved blog entries that were published in the name of one of our authors on the SSP blog webpage. We start from the premise that the release of  these entries was a result of a hacking attack on the author’s computer/email post-box and immediately deleted the associated content from our webpage. Please apologise for any  related inconvenience.

Best regards,

Mathias Vinnepand


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I am an early career scientist with a major focus on atmospheric dust dynamics and sedimentological- and geochemical processes that occur across continents in the course of climatic- and environmental change. Since I started my PhD studies at the University of Mainz, I have worked on terrestrial sediment archives (Loess-Palaeosol-Sequences in western Central Europe and Southern Asia) as well as on lake sediments (Lake Bosumtwi in West Africa). Currently, I am working at the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics in Hannover, with a special focus on Lake Bosumtwi that provides a continuous sediment sequence covering the last 1.07 million years in a potential key region of human evolution during this period.

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