Sailors wake up call

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake shook the island of Okinawa Japan during the early hours of the morning on March 3rd this week. Sailors from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion were preparing to attend their morning physical training session when the tremor rocked Camp Shields. Read the full story here.

A primer and user’s guide of the Seismic Analysis Code

The Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) is one of the most widely used analysis packages for regional and teleseismic seismic data. For the first time, this book provides users at introductory and advanced levels with a complete guide to SAC. It leads new users of SAC through the steps of learning basic commands, describes the SAC processing philosophy, and presents its macro language in full, supported t ...[Read More]

GeoQ, the EGU newsletter issue number 9

GeoQ, the EGU newsletter, has this month issued its ninth edition. GeoQ is a quarterly newsletter of the European Geosciences Union and it is published online. This issue is themed “The Face of the Earth” to match this year’s theme of the EGU General Assembly. More information about the focus of this year’s GA theme is explained by Günter Blöschl and Gert-Jan Reichart , the ...[Read More]

The Young Earth Scientists Network

Are you looking to join a global network of earth scientists? The Young Earth Scientists Network (YES Network) is an association of earth-scientists who are primarily under the age of 35 years that represent geological organisations and companies from across the world. The network has been established quite recently, in 2007, and has been running annual meetings since then. Each meeting has been h ...[Read More]