A small tribute to the pioneers of plate tectonics

Alfred Wegener (1880 - 1930)

Alfred Wegener (1880 – 1930) Wegener was a German meteorologist, geophysicist and polar researcher. In 1915 he published ‘The Origin of Continents and Oceans’, which outlined his theory of Continental Drift.

The Geological Society has prepared an interactive website that pays a small tribute to the pioneers of plate tectonics:

  • Alfred Lothar Wegener
  • Harry Hammond Hess
  • Frederick Vine and Drummond Matthews
  • John Tuzo-Wilson
  • Dan McKenzie

The website also features a Teacher Zone with good teaching material, a Glossary for nicely explained geological terms, and a Test Your Knowledge section with multiple choice quizzes, drag and drop exercises, anagrams and also a plate tectonics crossword.

Well done to The Geological Society for the initiative to promote these scientist. The website can also prove to be a good tool for educators.

Matthew Agius is a recent PhD graduate from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland and is now doing research at the University of Southampton (National Oceanography Centre). His research focuses on the dynamics of the lithosphere beneath Tibet, the Central Mediterranean, and the Pacific Ocean. Matthew’s role as a young scientist representative is to promote the efforts done by young researchers and to engage in discussions that concern seismology students. You can reach Matthew via e-mail at

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