2019 General Assembly is getting closer!

The 2019 General Assembly is getting closer! Before letting you go back to polish that glorious figure for your presentation, we wanted to make sure you have all the information about Early Career Scientists (ECS) and seismology-related events.

Most information related to ECS can be found here, but here is a summary.
The EGU Early Career Scientists Networking & Careers Reception will be on Tuesday 9 April, 19:00–20:30. The event is ticketed and, for now, there is no available space left. If you registered online, watch out for a confirmation email from the EGU Communications Officer, Olivia Trani, guaranteeing you your spot. Otherwise, stay tuned to the EGU’s social media channels during the General Assembly for updates on last minute availability.
Need a break in a relaxing environment? Stop by the Networking & Early Career Scientists’ Zone on the Red Level of the conference center.
The EGU office have set up a ECS session shortlist, which gather all sessions, lectures and short courses directed to Early Career Scientists.
Speaking about short courses, we are organizing one entitled “Seismology 101”, on Wednesday, April 10, 14:00–15:45 in Room 2.62. We will present an introduction to the basic concepts and methods in seismology, mainly aimed at those not familiar with seismology — in particular early career scientists. An overview will be given on various methods and processing techniques, which are applicable to investigate surface processes, near-surface geological structures and the Earth’s interior.
In the Seismology (SM) section,
  • the Division meeting will be on Wednesday April, 10, 12:45–13:45 in Room 2.91
  • the Division Outstanding ECS Lecture will be given by Piero Poli, on Wednesday April, 10, 10:45–11:15 in Room D2.
  • and the Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture will be given by Annie Souriau on Thursday, April 11, 19:00–20:00, in Room D1
Make sure to keep your personal programme up-to date, especially by downloading the assembly app.
Keep up to date with all the General Assembly news by following the EGU blogs and our social media channels, where regular updates will be posted on the lead up to the conference. On EGU’s official blog GeoLog in particular, you’ll find helpful information on how to make the most of your time at the General Assembly, from tips for making a poster or PICO presentation to enjoying the conference on a budget.  

Finally, use this year’s official
 hashtag #EGU19 on Twitter to follow the Assembly’s online conversation.


The SM ECS representatives



Marina Corradini
Marina is an Italian seismologist, science communicator and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. She currently works as a Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant at the Institut de physique du globe de Paris, from which she received her doctoral degree in 2019. Marina is the Editor of the EGU Seismology blog. You can reach her at corradini[at]

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