Some reminders for EGU2017 General Assembly

With only 3 days left for the kick off of the annual European Geosciences Union General Assembly (2017), here is a quick-list to go through in time for EGU.

First, read this page for information concerning activities for Early Career Scientists at the GA:

Sunday 23th April: The Opening Reception, 18.30-21.00 in Foyer E.
Mingle and tingle with the crowd, old, not so old, and young scientists, all in one place. A perfect place for a cheer and networking. A gathering point for early career scientists provides the opportunity to meet like-minded fellows, especially if it is your first time at the General Assembly or you are coming alone.

EU2017 mobile app
The EGU2016 mobile app is now available for most smart phones. Go to  to download the app. 

Short Courses
With an ever increasing number of short courses held at the GA,  probably there is one good course for you. Many are held during breaks, purposely not to coincide with other sessions. The full list is here:

A quick look on the Seismology Program:

  • Tuesday – Thursday: Meet the EGU Division President and the ECS Representative of Seismology
    Get a unique opportunity to meet with P. Martin Mai, the current president for the Seismology Division and L. Parisi. You are invited to stop at the EGU booth to ask EGU related questions or discuss ways you would like EGU to improve. Martin and Laura will be available on Tuesday and Thursday during lunch, 12:00-13:30 / Room EGU Booth
  • Medal Lectures
    Get the opportunity to listen to world class experts in various geosciences. Medal Lectures are special sessions that give merit to distinguished scientists. They are usually followed by insightful (and thought provoking)  presentations. These lectures are well attended and seats are quickly taken.

Note for seismologists: the Beno Gutenberg Medal Lecture by Hitoshi Kawakatsu on Wednesday, 26th April between 11:00–12:00 / Room K1. 

  • WednesdayDivision Meeting for Seismology (after the Beno Gutenberg lecture)
    In the Division Meeting for Seismology (SM), the division president will present the latest information on the state of the division, statistics for abstracts and sessions in 2016, and the news related to the various divisional activities. All members are invited, and encouraged to actively participate in the meeting. Lunch is provided.  Wed, 26 Apr, 12:15–13:15 / Room K1
  • Wednesday: Recent activities of the Seismology Division Early Career Representative(s) 
    What is a POM? Ever read a Seismology Blogpost? Are you aware of our facebook and Twitter initiatives? Do you have any comments/recommendations and/or concerns with regards to EGU and/or the Seismology Division? This is the right opportunity to share ideas with your ECS representative(s). We highlight all Seismology activities on a poster that will be presented on Wednesday 26th April, 17:30-19:00 – at EGU2017-13751. Hall X3. Come over and let’s talk!
  • Wednesday 26th April, 20h: SEISMOLOGY SOCIAL EVENT : Meet us for a drink at Mel’s Craft Beers & Diner, Wipplinger-straße 9, 1010 Wien.

  • Thursday: Consider attending our yearly own Short Course: Seismology for non-seismologistsThursday 27h April, 13:30-15:00, Room -2.91. A dedicated short course directed to non-seismologists or early career seismologists, with a particular focus how to integrate seismology within your own research. Every year this short course has been a success. We likely won’t turn you into a seismologist in 90 minutes, but would rather like to make you aware how seismological techniques can help you in geoscience.

Early Career Scientists’ Lounge.

In the Red Level of the conference centre you can find a place to take a break, grab a free coffee or soft drink and gather your thoughts away from the buzz of the Assembly. The lounge is also a great place to catch up with colleagues you haven’t seen in a while and perhaps strike up a new collaboration. On the notice boards you can find information about cultural activities on offer in Vienna. There is also the opportunity to provide feedback via suggestion boards.

By Koen Van Noten

Koen Van Noten is an earthquake geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium. He investigates the influence of site effects on intraplate earthquake ground motions by Did You Feel It?” macroseismic data and near-surface geophysical techniques. Koen’s role as ECS is to encourage students to promote their results in seismology, geology and near-surface geophysics in various ways.

This guest post was contributed by a scientist, student or a professional in the Earth, planetary or space sciences. The EGU blogs welcome guest contributions, so if you've got a great idea for a post or fancy trying your hand at science communication, please contact the blog editor or the EGU Communications Officer to pitch your idea.

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