Meet the new ECS Reps!

At the last EGU general assembly, Matthew Agius has stepped down as main early career scientist (ECS) representative and a new team assembled around Laura Parisi has taken over! Gender equality is not maintained, instead we are very proud to announce a 4/2 women/men distribution. Let us take the opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves. We would also like this opportunity to again acknowledge the great deal of work Matthew has done over the past two years, not least to motivate a few of us to be on this page today!

Laura Parisi
I am a post­dLauraPoctoral fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. My research focuses on seismic imaging across scales. I have a background in geology, which was integrated with a PhD in computational seismology.
Before being a seismologist, I am a mum of a teenager with whom I shared all my biggest achievements! When I do not think about seismology I like running, lifting weights (aiming to gender strength equality!) and windsurfing. To make me happy, give me sunshine and sea!

Laura is the new head ECS representative and point of contact on the ECS team. You can contact her at laura.parisi[at]

I am enthusiastic to give my contribution to the SM Division especially to promote gender
equality in Seismology, increase the number of ECSs actively involved in the Division’s
initiatives and improve the GA experience for the young seismologists.

KathrinKathrin Spieker

Hei, hei from beautiful Norway! I am a PhD student at the University of Bergen and work on seismic imaging of the Earth’s structure. My current research focuses mainly on the receiver function analysis and how to get the most out of it. My heart started beating for seismology during my Bachelor and Master studies at the University of Münster in Germany.

I really enjoy the Norwegian nature and hiking on top of the mountains surrounding the fjords. Besides that I am a passionate writer. If you ever need a fairy tale, a motivating story or something similar maybe even with a bit of science included, I’m the right person to ask! You can reach me at Kathrin.Spieker[at]

I am very happy to be part of the ECS team and to work together with these five awesome persons! I hope that we can inspire all ECS to follow their passion, to enjoy the EGU, science and networking, and to be brave to promote their ideas for a better EGU and conditions in science in general.

Koen Van Noten

Hi! I am a Post-doc at the Seismology-Gravimetry secKoention of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. I obtained a PhD in Structural Geology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Few years back I had the opportunity to dive into Seismology without having any background in earthquake analysis. Today I realize that being a geologist is actually an advantage while studying the Earth’s interior as geologists have the experience from exhumed examples how rock and faults may look like at depth.

I investigate seismic sources by combining basement geology and potential field data and also study the influence of site effects on earthquake ground motion by applying geophysical techniques and analysing online “Did You Feel It?” macroseismic data. When there are no earthquakes I adore mountain biking and playing with my 2 daughters. You can reach me at koen.vannoten[at]

I’m enthusiastic member of the ECS Team who wants to encourage people to bridge the gap between Seismology and other disciplines. I aim to motivate students and ECS to reach out to us so we can advertise their work through various EGU platforms

Lucia Gualtieri

LuciaI am currently a Post-doctoral Fellow at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University (US). My research interests are in solving problems related to emerging fields in Seismology – including, but not limited to, seismic noise and landslides – in order to develop a theoretical understanding of their generation mechanisms. I am from Italy, where I got my Bachelor and Master degrees in Physics at University of Bologna. Afterwards, I moved to France, where I obtained my PhD in Geophysics at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening classic music, swimming, visiting museums and art galleries. You can reach me at luciag[at]

I am going to put my efforts to convey young scientists’ ideas within the European Geophysical Union and to spread their voices also beyond the European geographical borders. I particularly care about gender equality in Science and public dissemination of scientific knowledge and enthusiasm for knowledge.

Redouane ChimouniRedouane

I’m a Phd student at the Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedien (USTHB) Algiers, Algeria. I’m working on historical earthquakes, intensities and source parameters; a dissertation co-directed between, Algiers/Algeria and Evora/Portugal. I obtained my Master degree in Applied Geophysics from the same university.

When I take a break, it is for listening to nature or taking pictures, otherwise, I just lay down and read about history, mythology or draw some portraits! You can reach me at rchimouni[at]

I’m so glad having the opportunity being part of the ESC representatives Team; I would like to improve and share knowledge with young scientists and help them as far as I can.

Building bridges between earthquake sciences and non-scientists is a huge step to keep lives away from being hurt, that’s why I care to aware young people about earthquake education and in terms of natural hazards: try to cohabit with the natural phenomenon of earthquakes.

Laura Ermert

LauraEHi there, I am a PhD student at ETH Zurich and working on ambient noise sources. I obtained my Masters from ETH in Geosciences, with a blissful exchange semester at UC Berkeley, which must have kindled my love for seismology.

When not thinking about all those waves hitting all those bumps and causing all those messy seismic signals, I enjoy the outdoors which make up big parts of Switzerland! You can reach me at laura.ermert[at]

My motivation to be on the ECS-rep team is to motivate young seismologists to make the best of EGU and to make EGU its best by contributing their science, but also their experiences and opinions. To this aim, I hope to help turn this blog into a vivid medium for discussion and sharing of ideas.

Laura is a PhD student at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. She is working on ambient noise source inversion with cross-correlation techniques. Her goal on the blog is to showcase PhD students' and young researchers' results, as well as recent seismological highlights. You can reach Laura at lermert att


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