EGU Seismology Division on Facebook

The Seismology Division within EGU has launched its Facebook page. The page is public and can be viewed without having a Facebook account. The scope of this page is for the Seismology Division to reach out further to its EGU members. The page will be used to share EGU related information, feature recent papers or discussions, and to share seismology-related news. EGU members who have a Facebook account are encouraged to subscribe to the page by pressing ‘like‘. Facebook users will thus get notifications of recent posts, and will be allowed to interact with the page.

The EGU Seismology Division Facebook page

The new EGU Seismology Division Facebook page. Login and press like

Matthew Agius is a recent PhD graduate from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland and is now doing research at the University of Southampton (National Oceanography Centre). His research focuses on the dynamics of the lithosphere beneath Tibet, the Central Mediterranean, and the Pacific Ocean. Matthew’s role as a young scientist representative is to promote the efforts done by young researchers and to engage in discussions that concern seismology students. You can reach Matthew via e-mail at

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