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Life as a “dry” oceanographer – studying Earth’s oceans from your laptop

Life as a “dry” oceanographer – studying Earth’s oceans from your laptop

I didn’t always know that I would become an oceanographer when I grew up, but I knew I would be doing ‘Science’. I was born and raised in Paris, France. While growing up, I was always interested in Science, from watching documentaries about the universe or nature, to attending science events at museums. While Science is very wide and encompasses many fields of research, I wasn’t too cl ...[Read More]

Career Progression – from Academia to Industry

Photo credit: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Imaggeo

During the summer Liam Brannigan contributed to an EGU careers workshop. Liam has had a diverse career, following his masters in maths at Edinburgh University he worked for several years as an investment consultant. In 2010 however, he fancied a change and embarked on a career in physical oceanography, completing his MSc at Bangor University and his PhD at the University of Oxford. A few post-docs ...[Read More]

Why you (yes, you!) should take part in a hackathon

Collage of Oceanhackweek attendees

Back in August, I attended Oceanhackweek 2020. As an oceanographer by trade and free software nerd by heart, I loved the idea of an event that combined the two. I looked forward to learning from other oceanographers and coders, and perhaps giving something back to the free software community. What is a hackweek/hackathon? If you have yet to dip your toes in the wonderful world of free software, th ...[Read More]

Eurec4a: Tales from the Tropics

Eurec4a: Tales from the Tropics

As many seagoing oceanographers find themselves on land for the foreseeable future, we’ve decided to share a tale of a research cruise to fill that ship-shaped void. Back in January 2020, four research vessels ventured out into the Tropical North Atlantic as part of the Eurec4a and ATOMIC campaigns. Eurec4a’s aim: to investigate the couplings between clouds, circulation and convection ...[Read More]