Ocean Sciences

Callum Rollo

Callum is a physical oceanographer with the UEA glider group. He is in the final year of a PhD investigating the use of acoustic Doppler current profilers on Seagliders. When he’s not throwing expensive toys in the ocean, Callum can be found coding in Python, messing around with linux and promoting open science. You can find other blog posts on Callum’s website. Or contact him directly on twitter @callum_rollo

Why you (yes, you!) should take part in a hackathon

Collage of Oceanhackweek attendees

Back in August, I attended Oceanhackweek 2020. As an oceanographer by trade and free software nerd by heart, I loved the idea of an event that combined the two. I looked forward to learning from other oceanographers and coders, and perhaps giving something back to the free software community. What is a hackweek/hackathon? If you have yet to dip your toes in the wonderful world of free software, th ...[Read More]