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Alessandro Musu

Alessandro Musu is PhD student at the department of Earth Science, Petrology and Volcanology group, University of Geneva. His current work focuses on understanding the link between deep magmatic processes and zoning patterns in minerals.

An Overview on the 15 Jan 2022 Hunga Tonga-Huna Ha’apai Eruption


Since 15 January 2022, the islands of the Tonga archipelago and surrounding territories have been suffering the effects of what has turned out to be one of the biggest eruptions of this century. The eruption occurred on Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, an island created by the emergence of a large submarine volcano. HTHH is located among the ~170 islands of the Kingdom of Tonga and about 65 km nor ...[Read More]

Volcano Watch the Podcast, a weekly walk through the amazing world of Volcanoes!

Volcano Watch the Podcast, a weekly walk through the amazing world of Volcanoes!

Are you interested in Volcanoes? Do you want to learn more about volcanic activity, geysers, magma dynamics and the relationship between humans and volcanoes, from the mythology to the art and the agriculture? Or maybe you just want to be updated on the worldwide ongoing eruptions and listen to nice interviews with people who actually works on volcanoes? Well, if it is like so we strongly recommen ...[Read More]

Volcanoes and Wines, Part 2

Volcanoes and Wines, Part 2

  And here we go, with the second part of “Volcanoes and Wines”! In Part 1 blog post we introduced you to the inevitably bond between wine and geology, with a focus on volcanic areas and minerals. We are sure we left you with a taste of volcanic soil in your mouth, wondering where you can savour red and white glasses of wine at the foot of a volcano. Today we introduce you to some unusual and ...[Read More]

Volcanoes and Wines, Part 1

Volcano and Wine pt1 frontpage

Why talk about wine on the GMPV blog? Well, this geologist-favourite drink is not only good memories of the EGU General Assembly but also a topic that spans among all the GMPV categories. Indeed, wine composition, flavour, structure and quality are inevitably bound to the mineralogy and geochemistry of the soil, making it so common and appreciated since ancient times. And what gives us a nice comp ...[Read More]