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GMPV Division Campfires: the new format of GMPV ECS online talks

GMPV Division Campfires: the new format of GMPV ECS online talks

Once a month, with the EGU GMPV Early Career Scientists (ECS) Committee, we feature online talks run by ECS covering the whole range of topics within the GMPV sphere. 

Starting with a ‘good first take in June 2020, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of 27 ECS speakers from all over the world, and an average of 70 attendees per session, it’s now time to introduce new features! 

Here we want to provide you all the information you may need if you would like to attend or give a talk at our future events.

  • Welcome to GMPV Campfires!

As we have expressed the desire to continue online interactions with the GMPV ECS community, we finally inform you that the GMPV ECS online talks are now officially approved by EGU! 

EGU now supports all the informal online events that, under the name of Campfires, aims to foster discussion and networking within the different EGU Divisions. 

In this regard, the online talks will be now called GMPV Campfires and, as before, they will run once a month via Zoom, alternating the time between 11am CET and 4pm CET to cover more time zones

For the new year, we propose two 1-hour-long formats of GMPV Campfires:

  1. General Format: We host four ECS speakers who each give a 8-10-minute talk and have 5 minutes of questions. With this format with aim at covering all the four topics of the Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology-Volcanology sphere.
  2. New Special Edition Format: We host three ECS speakers who each give a 12-minute talk. This format allows the speakers to present their research in a session focused on a particular topic within the GMPV sphere. 

In both formats, the Campfires are hosted by an ECS member of the Organizing Committee and each speaker is assigned an ECS moderator (from the GMPV-ECS committee too) who introduce them, field questions, and keep each speaker to time. 

  • How sign up to give a talk?

Sign up is very easy! You just need to fill in the Google Form we provide you here.

Missing or wrong information in the Form will take us longer to get in touch with you. If you are not from academia, you may use the final open space to give more information about yourself.

  • The big question: What is an Early Career Scientist? 

An Early Career Scientist (ECS) is an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or a scientist who has received their highest degree (BSc, MSc, or PhD) within the past seven years*.

If you need more information about ECS definition and goals, check it out here*. 

  • I am not an ECS, am I allowed to give a presentation at the GMPV Campfires?

For the GMPV Campfires, we give priority to ECS. However, researchers from every career stage are welcome to sign up and, in case we do not have any ECS subscribers, they will be allowed to present their research in a future Campfire.

  • How does the Organizing Committee assign the speakers?

Speakers are allocated in accordance with their time availability, and in a way to maintain diversity (in terms of topic, institution and gender) within each talk series. 

  • Now it’s your turn! Please vote for a Special Edition.

After the first Special Edition on ‘Volcanic Ash and Gas’, we want you to pick your favorites! We will then run the 5 most voted Special Editions in our future Campfires.

You can select your Top 3 Special Editions here!

  • Upcoming dates

–  Wednesday February 17th 16:00 CET

–  Wednesday March 17th 11:00 CET

You can register in advance for the Campfires in February and March here.


Your opinion is precious to us! Please give us feedback on any of our talks here. We add new questions all the time so please feel free to fill it out again if you have done so in the past!

If you need any further information or have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: 

Thanks to all the speakers, attendees and members of the GMPV-ECS-Committee for moderating the talks so far: Frances, Francesco, Franzi, Mike, Niamh, Simona.


The organizing committee

Emily Mason (University of Cambridge, UK)
Giulia Consuma (University of Bologna, Italy)
Natasha Barrett (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Eric Newland (University of Cambridge, UK)

Giulia is a PhD student at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna.

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