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EGU daily digest: it’s Friday

EGU daily digest: it’s Friday

For anyone tuning in from Australia, happy Saturday!

How have you found the conference? Did it work? Was it a disaster? Is physical presence more important than saving on CO2? Did you manage to do any networking? Were you as engaged as you would normally be? Let us know in the comments, be brutally honest if you like. Covid has forced this weird conference on us, but maybe this is the way of the future, so we better get it right…

For the last day, here are some highlights to keep you going:

What happens when water is added to a shear zone? Does the zone get wider? Probably, but there’s a lot of things going on that are hard to quantify. New research by Lisa Kaatz looks like a big step in the right direction, check it out HERE

Last year’s early career scientist medalist Evangelos Moulas will be talking about how Raman barometry of mineral inclusions can and can’t be applied. Certified award-winning science, not be be missed. Click this LINK

It’s not often you get to see a new (actually very very old) volcano being named – but Semih Can Ülgen will do just that. Well worth a look, you can tell people you knew that volcano before it was cool. Check it HERE👈

Remember the White Island eruption last year? Take a deep dive into the what and why with Yunmeng Cao, all info HERE

Can changes in groundwater chemistry be precursors to volcanic eruptions? Promising potential presented by Stefania Franchini, see more HERE

Mike Jollands
Mike Jollands is an experimental petrologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, New York, USA. He studies the diffusion and substitution mechanisms of trace elements, making use of high temperature and pressure equipment to simulate volcanic and mantle conditions.

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