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Seven reasons why YOU should propose an EGU 2020 session

Seven reasons why YOU should propose an EGU 2020 session

Did you ever notice that the majority of convenors of the EGU conference sessions seem to be older than you? Have you ever despaired that none of the conference sessions are directly relevant to your work? Does your CV look conspicuously blank in the ‘Service’ section? Have you ever tried to sneak one of your friends into the EGU Friday night party only to be discovered, have your conference name badge (and the public transport pass) ripped up, then have to buy a metro ticket to get back to your apartment, and then eaten a takeout pizza alone while all your friends are having a great night?

It doesn’t have to be this way! It’s the Early Career Scientists (ECS) who provide the much of the engine for scientific research, and we can be the drivers too. So why should you consider a session proposal?

  • You can have some control over the content of the conference

What’s the best way to make a conference really relevant to you? Organise it yourself!

  • The EGU wants you to do it!

Mike Burton (2019 outgoing GMPV President): “Promoting the science and development of ECS is a key priority of EGU and therefore session proposals led by ECS are always welcome.

  • Your session proposal doesn’t quite fit the section? You can cross list with other themes!

Maybe you have an idea but it’s a little bit petrology and a little bit tectonics? No worries, you can list in multiple themes. Not only does this broaden your scope, but it will increase your visibility among people you may not know at all!

  • It’s a nice way to meet new people

It’s a great way to network, and to be the first to hear about what all your colleagues are doing. Not only will you get to know other people, but other people will get to know you!

  •  It’s great for your CV, and for the community

The community only works because people serve it, and this is reflected in CVs. Daniela Rubatto (2019 Bunsen Medallist) says: “Service to the community is a big part of any CV, and conference organisation is some of the most important service you can do”.

  • The conference organisers take care of most of the admin, you just look after the science!

Your job is to propose the session, then promote it among your peers. Then if you have enough submissions to make a session, you get to decide who gets an oral presentation and who gets a poster (the EGU considers them equal). You don’t have to worry about finding a room, hooking up a projector, realising that the projector doesn’t work with Apple computers. Just relax and convene!

  • There is a party on Friday night for convenors

Anonymous : “The Friday night party is really good fun. Getting to the airport or train station the next morning is not”.

Mike Jollands
Mike Jollands is an experimental petrologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, New York, USA. He studies the diffusion and substitution mechanisms of trace elements, making use of high temperature and pressure equipment to simulate volcanic and mantle conditions.

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