Cryospheric Sciences
Women inside ice cave looks up in amazement.

Emma Pearce

Emma Pearce is a post-doctoral researcher at the British Antarctic Survey. She spends her time ‘looking’ inside ice using geophysics. She is a regular editor and writer for the EGU Cryosphere blog. You can see her post about her field work adventures, research and blogs over on X/Twitter @emm_pearce.

Image of the week: The Song of Sastrugi

Wavy ice feature in front of wide blue sky.

Sastrugi are significant features in glaciology, providing valuable insights into wind patterns, snow dynamics, and surface processes. So although at first sight they may be easy to walk over (quite literally), their patterns and features can tell us more than you might think, so next time take a moment to look and see the story they have to tell…   The Song of Sastrugi The wind’s icy b ...[Read More]