Climate: Past, Present & Future

Fei Luo

I am a PhD researcher specialised in Atmospheric & Climate sciences and extreme events at the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I use Earth System Model EC-Earth 3 to study the persistence of summer extreme events such as heatwaves. I am also the editor-in-chief of the Atmospheric Sciences' division blog of the EGU. I enjoy getting closer to the Nature in my free time, and anything that relates to culture, art, or philosophy also intrigues me. Twitter: @FeiLuo_Climate.

EGU’s Atmospheric Sciences and Climate: Past, Present & Future Divisions welcome the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement

As of 19 February 2021, the US officially re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement, a landmark international accord to limit global warming by 2°C (and ideally to 1.5°C) compared to pre-industrial levels. The Paris Climate Agreement aims to bring the world together to avoid catastrophic warming that will impact us all and to build resilience to the consequences of climate change that we are already s ...[Read More]