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EGU Climate Division presents: Outreach Team 2023 edition

EGU Climate Division presents: Outreach Team 2023 edition

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is a multidisciplinary organization, encompassing various fields within the geosciences. Each field is represented by its own Division, within which a number of volunteer roles exist. These roles include the President and Deputy President, a Programme Group Chair, Science Officers, Early Career Scientist Representatives, and an Outreach Team. Every year at the EGU General Assembly, members from each Division nominate individuals for these positions. 

📢 Today we are pleased to present an overview of the Early Career Scientist (ECS) team of the Division on Climate: Past, Present & Future Climate 🎉! A renewed team of enthusiasts, eager to disseminate and organize events related to the most intriguing and vital climate sciences (at different time scales) with you! 🌍


Nazimul Islam: ECS Representative

Nazimul Islam, our ECS Representative for the Climate Division, is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST), University of Lausanne, Switzerland. His research involves using dendrochronology for environmental reconstructions. As the ECS-Rep, Nazimul aims to foster interaction within the climate division and across other EGU divisions and to encourage the ECS community’s active participation in events such as science talks and workshops. He is also committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion for improved science communication. More about onNazimul on his personal personal website and on X: @geonaz07.


Janina Nett: ECS co-representative

Janina is the current ECS co-representative and has been part of the outreach team since 2019 (unofficially since 2017). She is a postdoctoral researcher focusing on past climatic changes and geochronological studies of Quaternary sediments. She further deals with geoarchaeology and is interested in all topics of climate change, academic work-life and enjoys outreach activities. (X: @BoeskenJanina).






Ricardo N. Santos:  Blog Editor

Ricardo, our blog editor, is passionate about molecular paleoclimatology. He is a PhD Student in Organic Geochemistry at the University of Basel and his research interest is to help improve our understanding of lipid biomarkers as tools for reconstructing past climates and environments. Ricardo is particularly interested in studying hydroclimate dynamics since the last deglaciation using lake records from mid-latitudes (X: @RicardoANSantos).





Shalenys Bedoya Valestt:  Co-Blog Editor

Shalenys is an oceanographer and PhD student at the Climate, Atmosphere and Ocean Laboratory (Climatoc-Lab) of the Desertification Research Centre (CIDE-CSIC) in Valencia. She is pursuing a career in climate science and her thesis is devoted to deepening the understanding of the historical changes of sea breezes at a global scale and their implications for moisture transport in a changing climate.


Alejandra Valdes: Outreach 

Alejandra is a Ph.D. student at the University of Göttingen in the Tropical Silviculture and Forest Ecology Department. Her research focuses on investigating ecosystem-atmosphere interactions in tropical regions. She leverages remote sensing, spatial analysis, and machine learning techniques to study these interactions and build predictive models, tackling the issue of observational gaps in tropical research. Her interest in remote sensing stems from its capacity to offer high-resolution global data, enabling research across under-studied tropical regions.



Rieneke Weij: Outreach

Rieneke Weij is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Geological Sciences and the Human Evolution Research Institute (HERI) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She is passionate about Quaternary research, particularly (U-series) geochronology, palaeoclimatology, and isotope geochemistry. Rieneke currently works on speleothems from caves at South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind, the world’s richest early hominin site. Her research involves developing internal chronological frameworks and quantifying past climate change through various proxies to better understand the climatic and environmental conditions over the last 2 million years and their influence on human evolution in South Africa. Together with her postdoc advisor Dr Robyn Pickering, she is also setting up a U-Th and U-Pb dating capability at UCT, the first on the African continent. (X: @rienekeweij).


It’s never too late to jump on board and join the ECR CL team! 🌤️🔬 If you’ve got a passion for climate-related outreach and want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you by contacting one of our team members. 🎉🌿

I'm a geologist by training and enthusiastic about molecular paleoclimatology. My main research interest is to enhance our understanding of lipid biomarkers as tools for past climate and environmental reconstructions. In my PhD at the Department of Environmental Sciences, the University of Basel, I'm focusing on using the distribution and stable isotope composition of leaf waxes and other lipid biomarkers to reconstruct hydroclimate and ecological changes in Switzerland and upstate New York. I'm particularly interested in exploring hydroclimate dynamics since the last deglaciation using lake records to answer key questions about past spatiotemporal hydroclimate, vegetation dynamics, and ocean-atmospheric-land teleconnections, especially during abrupt climate events such as the Younger Dryas, the 8.2 ka event, and the Little Ice Age.

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