Climate: Past, Present & Future


Welcome to the new version of the blog of the Climate: Past, Present and Future (CL) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). The CL division covers all aspects of the ocean-climate-atmospheric systems, encompassing multiple, over-lapping and complementary disciplines, from the state of the current climate to modelled predictions of future climatic scenarios, and the reconstruction of past climatic changes.

Welcome to the blog of the Climate: Past, Present and Future” of the European Geoscience Union (EGU). This blog aims to present a broad range of themes linked to climate science to other scientists, but also to a broader audience.  This blog is run by enthusiast young (and less young) climate scientists: Célia Sapart (editor), Jenny Stanford (author), Kathryn Adamson (author), Julie Durcan (author), Caroline Jacques (author) and Carole Nehme (author). At this stage, we aim to publish one long article and one “Proxy of the Month” post per month. Everybody is very welcome to contribute in writing posts or in proposing subjects. Please just contact one of us.

Banner image: Suguta showers by Annett Junginger; Image source: Imaggeo

The opinions expressed in the blog of the Division on Climate: Past, Present & Future are those of the authors, whose views may differ from those of the European Geosciences Union.