World water day events – making the invisible visible by getting together (even though we barely can these days)

World water day events – making the invisible visible by getting together (even though we barely can these days)

Here at the Water Underground blog we are excited by the myriad of events that are happening on and after March 22, World Water Day which is celebrating groundwater for the first time ever. The flagship kick-off will be the 9th World Water Forum in Diamniadio (Dakar) with other events around the world in March and throughout the year, culminating in the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater in Paris.

UNESCO has developed this list of events and here is a broader list of the events that we know of – we’ll keep this as a living blog post that will be updated as we learn more. So if you have information about an event that you would like to see posted, please send it to Jared Van Rooyen (jvan@sun.ac.za ).

9th World Water Forum March 21 – 26, 2022, Diamniadio (Dakar), Senegal where the World Water Development Report will be released

Swedish Water HouseGör det osynliga synligt: Vårt livsviktiga grundvatten (Mar 22 online event)

● International Water Resources Association: Future Gazing: Groundwater Action as Climate Action (Mar 22 online event)

● University of Waterloo, Canada: A Cross-Country Checkup on Canada’s Groundwater (Mar 22 online)

● University of Victoria, Canada: What’s Beneath Our Feet? What: Short films & insightful conversations about groundwater on World Water Day (Mar 22 online)

Groundwater, key to Sustainable Development Goals May 18-20 in Paris, France. The conference is organized by IAH-CFH, UNESCO-IHP, and the French Water Partnership.

World Water Week 2022 August 28 – September 1 in Stockholm, Sweden and online with the theme ‘Seeing the unseen: The value of water.’

UN-Water Summit on Groundwater Dec 7 – 8 in Paris, France and online.

Groundwater—the world’s largest freshwater store— is a life-sustaining resource that supplies water to billions of people, plays a central part in irrigated agriculture and influences the health of many ecosystems. Water Underground is a groundwater nerd blog written by a global collective of hydrogeologic researchers for water resource professionals, academics and anyone interested in groundwater, research, teaching and supervision. The blog, started by Tom Gleeson and managed by Xander Huggins, is the first blog hosted on both the EGU blogs and the AGU blogosphere.

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  1. On the occasion of World Water Day 2022, the International Association of Hydrogeologists have drafted São Paulo- Brussels Groundwater Declaration. They are inviting the community to read and sign it. Read here: /https://iah.org/news/world-water-day-2022-groundwater-making-the-invisible-visible


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