Unearthing a new editorial team for Water Underground

Unearthing a new editorial team for Water Underground

Post by Tom Gleeson (University of Victoria)

The Water Underground blog has existed for about 10 years, largely led by myself with many contributions from around the world (see About). I am excited to announce a new editorial team for the blog. They have emerged from the depths to bravely lead Water Underground into the future!

The new editorial team of early career scientists are #scicomm nerds representing the major scientific organizations involved in groundwater research: IAH, AGU and EGU. Tom will remain part of the editorial team to help support this evolution of the blog.

Swamini from EGU

David from AGU

Jared from IAH

Swamini Khurana is a researcher in Stockholm University and a Young Hydrologic Society (YHS) Board Member. She performs reactive transport modeling to understand the response of geomicrobial communities to weather events, disturbances and climate change, in turn affecting soil carbon storage as well as groundwater quality. She also uses machine learning approaches to explore predictability of geomicrobial communities, nutrient and moisture availability below the ground in both space and time. David Litwin is a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University, where he studies the evolution of landscapes with shallow groundwater systems. He spends a lot of time thinking about how the landscapes around him work and how to capture that in accessible, reusable code. He is a contributing author at geobites.org, and is the former co-leader of the website and blog for the American Geophysical Union’s Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S). Jared van Rooyen is a postdoctoral researcher at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Chair of the Early Career Hydrogeologist Network (ECHN) of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH). His primary field of interest is in isotope hydrology with major applications in groundwater vulnerability and sustainability. Other research interests include postgraduate research funding solutions and outreach as well as scientific engagement with the use of modern media techniques.



During the pandemic, the blog languished with only Tom writing and leading occasional posts. Despite this, the broader Water Underground team still strongly believes the blog can remain and a positive platform for #scicomm in our community. Guided by this belief, we are excited to reboot the blog with a new editorial team and expand our group of contributors. We value a diversity of representation and opinion and we know that there are many important groundwater blog posts waiting to be shared by under-represented groups.


The new editorial team will meet with frequent contributors every two months to re-invigorate the blog direction and posting frequency.  We hope use this reboot to expand our network of frequent contributors so we encourage contributors to connect with us, especially women and BIPOC scientists, to improve the representation of this platform. Our frequent contributors are expected to contribute two posts per year and all editing and posting is handled internally.

Groundwater—the world’s largest freshwater store— is a life-sustaining resource that supplies water to billions of people, plays a central part in irrigated agriculture and influences the health of many ecosystems. Water Underground is a groundwater nerd blog written by a global collective of hydrogeologic researchers for water resource professionals, academics and anyone interested in groundwater, research, teaching and supervision. The blog, started by Tom Gleeson and managed by Xander Huggins, is the first blog hosted on both the EGU blogs and the AGU blogosphere.

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