Hey groundwater instructors! Here’s a new resource for bringing diverse voices and research into your classroom

Groundwater marquee for Water Underground Talks

Tom Gleeson (University of Victoria), Viviana Re (University of Pisa)

Now that we have your attention…

We have started releasing the Water Underground Talks that we introduced in this post. You can find the full list of talks on this new webpage.

Our motivation from the start was to provide new resources to instructors around the world who teach hydrogeology or groundwater hydrology as we explained in the Trailer on Youtube.  

For each Water Underground Talk, we also provide ‘Instructor resources’ which is a small PowerPoint presentation file that any instructor can freely use in their class.  The presentation contains:

  • Questions for discussion (the unanswered questions posed by the presenter)
  • One article the presenter finds very inspiring
  • Articles mentioned in the presentation (usually a paper by the presenter or colleagues)

We’ve been starting to show the videos in class and using these resources. Here’s what we’re doing…During or after watching the video in class, we divide the students into breakout groups to answer the questions posed in the talk. Since we are teaching online, we can set up and share a google doc (see example below), where each group answers the posed questions. This helps for giving groups a tangible deliverable for the breakout, for monitoring the progress of groups, and for summarizing student answers after the breakout session

The students have already expressed how much they appreciate these videos – to hear about different groundwater situations from around the world from passionate, great presenters. Give them a try in your classroom and let us know what you and your students think!

Groundwater—the world’s largest freshwater store— is a life-sustaining resource that supplies water to billions of people, plays a central part in irrigated agriculture and influences the health of many ecosystems. Water Underground is a groundwater nerd blog written by a global collective of hydrogeologic researchers for water resource professionals, academics and anyone interested in groundwater, research, teaching and supervision. The blog, started by Tom Gleeson and managed by Xander Huggins, is the first blog hosted on both the EGU blogs and the AGU blogosphere.

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