Water underground is flowing again….

Water underground is flowing again….

After a joyous eight-month-long paternity leave, I am back being a professor during the day, and now being a dad at night. A little visual teaser of my time off is below – swimming with a sea turtle on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii.

On top of becoming a dad, I changed universities; I am now in Civil Engineering at University of Victoria. It is a rad new program focusing on sustainability and problem-based learning that I am honored and excited to be part of. So lots of changes and exciting thing happening (new students, new projects, new classes), all with less sleep than one really needs. And I am excited to start blogging again more actively….. P1000182

I am a hydrogeologist at University of Victoria, Canada who is interested in groundwater sustainability, mega-scale groundwater systems, groundwater recharge and discharge and fluid flow around geologic structures. My goal is fundamental and applied research and teaching to enable sustainable groundwater use.

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