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Steampunk takes evolution to the next level

Sharing this purely because it’s amazing. Hat-tip to John Hutchinson for sharing!



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Jon began university life as a geologist, followed by a treacherous leap into the life sciences. He spent several years at Imperial College London, investigating the extinction and biodiversity patterns of Mesozoic tetrapods – anything with four legs or flippers – to discover whether or not there is evidence for a ‘hidden’ mass extinction 145 million years ago. Alongside this, Jon researched the origins and evolution of ‘dwarf’ crocodiles called atoposaurids. Prior to this, there was a brief interlude were Jon was immersed in the world of science policy and communication, which greatly shaped his views on the broader role that science can play, and in particular, the current ‘open’ debate. Jon tragically passed away in 2020.


  1. the title intrigued me but there is only a black box frame to be seen, no text. was it a video or what?
    just curuious

  2. Thanks, that definitely qualifies as amazing. I also watched a few other short all-CGI films, mostly on Cgbros account that were pretty decent.

    Then I made the mistake of clicking on something to do with Saturn Occult and ended up in the nutjob section of YT. Apparently, Saturn is time and the god of the bible (and possibly also Satan – it was a little unclear), and NASA knows a lot more about the planet than they’re telling the public. This was the least bizarre thing that I was told during the 15 minutes that I was unable to stop myself from wasting. Now I need to see a video of a cat playing a piano…

  3. This is a very cool vid.
    I think the steampunk animals with rust in the sea 🙂 ?
    In any case its supper cool idea.
    Thanks for sharing it.

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