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Palaeontology rocks!

OK, so the usual joke is Geology rocks, but Catherine Bennett, who describes herself as a “Dinosaur-loving, bike-riding, dog-owning, tuna pasta eating pop star!!” created this cool video with the remixed title. It stars many palaeontologists I know from the UK, and is a really nice way of showcasing the diversity of palaeontologists and palaeontology we have here. Enjoy!

Link including blog post entry

Jon began university life as a geologist, followed by a treacherous leap into the life sciences. He is now based at Imperial College London, investigating the extinction and biodiversity patterns of Mesozoic tetrapods – anything with four legs or flippers – to discover whether or not there is evidence for a ‘hidden’ mass extinction 145 million years ago. Alongside this, Jon researches the origins and evolution of ‘dwarf’ crocodiles called atoposaurids. Prior to this, there was a brief interlude were Jon was immersed in the world of science policy and communication, which has greatly shaped his view on the broader role that science can play, and in particular, the current ‘open’ debate. He tweets as @Protohedgehog.


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    Hi, I’m looking for a palaeontology program, which I had on a CD ROM in the Windows 95/98 days.

    It had simulated fossil digging activities, and the user could go through the desert with the necessary tools. It had good sound effects and background music too, with American narration explaining about it all.

    I remember in one of the activities, you had to very carefully chip away at a huge rock in a lab, revealing the fossil inside, with an electric instrument.

    It was a really good program. I’m looking all over to find it again, and maybe anything similar to it.


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    Great video, although in the intro I distinctly heard CB say “paleology.” 🙂

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