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Himalaya Conference

Sustainable Resource Development in the Himalayas Conference: Reconnaissance Work

Every geologist has heard the story of the birth of the Himalayas; India crashes into Asia and they crumple up, sending the seafloor into the sky, melting the crust and forming the highest mountains on earth. The mountains are still rising, and for that reason the region is prone to earthquakes, landslides and flash floods. The mountains also make the boundary between India and the rest of Asia a ...[Read More]

Friday Photo (95) – Environmental Campaign in Jammu, India

   “Keep Jammu Clean and Green” Signs like this are visible around Jammu & Kashmir State as part of a widespread environmental awareness campaign. Other slogans include ‘somebody is sitting in the shade today, because somebody planted a tree a long time ago’ and ‘My Earth, my duty’. (c) Geology for Global Development 2013

Sustainable Development in the Himalayas – GfGD’s Role in a Major Upcoming Conference

In June 2014 a conference will take place in Leh (Ladahk Region, India) with a focus on sustainable resource development in the Himalayas. The conference is being organised by the Geological Society of London, in collaboration with the Institute of Energy Research and Training at the University of Jammu, India and many other stakeholders. It will examine a range of issues, including geohazards, ac ...[Read More]