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Guest Blogs

Guest Blog: Iphakade and Earth Stewardship Science from Africa

Jane Robb is the EGU Educational Fellow and Director (Policy and Research) at She has also served on the GfGD Executive Committee since 2012, first as our Communications Officer and currently as University Group Resources Officer – helping to develop resources to equip our growing University Group network. Today she writes about her recent experiences in South Africa, and t ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: Death By Corruption

Ekbal Hussain is a PhD student at the University of Leeds, and helps to coordinate our group up there. He is a passionate advocate for disaster risk reduction and today writes about the relationship between corruption and earthquake fatalities. It is no profound statement to say that earthquakes are extremely dangerous natural events and are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths annually. Wh ...[Read More]

Get Involved: Guest Blogs

We love the fact that our blog can be a forum for many different people to share their expertise and ideas. Our guest blogs are always very popular, giving people access to a much wider range of knowledge and opinion that just one or two authors can provide! We have had some great blogs from students, academics and professionals, from the UK and overseas. We would love to have more guest blogs, pr ...[Read More]

Guest Blog: Geology and Sanitation

In October last year, Dr Alison Parker (Cranfield University) gave a brilliant talk at the GfGD conference – discussing the role of geologists in providing access to clean water and safe sanitation. The importance of the latter half of this duet of basic needs came as a surprise to many. In this guest blog, our first of 2014, Alison writes in more detail about geology, sanitation and support ...[Read More]