Geology for Global Development


Get Involved: Guest Blogs

We love the fact that our blog can be a forum for many different people to share their expertise and ideas. Our guest blogs are always very popular, giving people access to a much wider range of knowledge and opinion that just one or two authors can provide! We have had some great blogs from students, academics and professionals, from the UK and overseas. We would love to have more guest blogs, pr ...[Read More]

External Opportunities – Conference, Training, Competitions and Research

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a few emails with some exciting opportunities that may interest our members. We’ve outlined each of these below  and given some details for getting involved! **Nile Research – Intrepid Explorers, King’s College London – Walking the Nile Expedition Intrepid Explorers is an initiative based in the Department of Geography (KingR ...[Read More]

GfGD National Conference – Two Weeks To Go!

For those of you attending our National Conference, taking place at the Geological Society in two weeks time (limited tickets are still available), we would like to draw your attention to some important reading material. A number of the articles we have selected are available to read online. Others may be found in your university libraries. Based on this reading material we are very keen to hear t ...[Read More]

Dialogues for Disaster Anticipation and Resilience – Your Help Needed!!

Following a recent discussion with staff at the Humanitarian Futures Programme, an independent policy research initiative based at King’s College London, an important opportunity emerged for YOU to support one of their programmes. The ‘Dialogues for Disaster Anticipation and Resilience’ project is designed to bridge the gap between those who make science and those who use science ...[Read More]