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From Our Archives: Guest Blogs (2)

We’ve gone back even further into our archives (back to our old blog site in fact!) to bring you some brilliant guest blogs written by students and professionals on topics ranging from water to ocean nutrients!  **Hydrogeology/Water and Sanitation Donald John MacAllister – Groundwater Use and Challenges in South Asia Christopher Barry – Water of Life Project – Safe Drinking ...[Read More]

Friday Photo (95) – Environmental Campaign in Jammu, India

   “Keep Jammu Clean and Green” Signs like this are visible around Jammu & Kashmir State as part of a widespread environmental awareness campaign. Other slogans include ‘somebody is sitting in the shade today, because somebody planted a tree a long time ago’ and ‘My Earth, my duty’. (c) Geology for Global Development 2013

Guest Blog: What IF We Aren’t Helping?

Tim Middleton, GfGD’s Advocacy Development Officer, takes a critical look at this year’s IF campaign. This opinions expressed here are those of Tim, and not necessarily those of all involved with Geology for Global Development. As an organisation, however, we do believe that it is important to encourage debate on how best to undertake effective development. You’d be forgiven for having missed the ...[Read More]