Imaggeo on Mondays: Azerbaijan Mud Volcano

Imaggeo on Mondays: Azerbaijan Mud Volcano

Azerbaijan one of the best places in the world to find mud volcanoes, because of the number that are in the country. Mud volcanoes are broadly spread across Azerbaijan. About 350 of approximate 800 mud volcanoes in the world are found in the Azerbaijani Republic.   This includes both underground and submarine mud volcanoes, which also famed in Azerbaijan. There are more than 140 submarine mud ...[Read More]

Imaggeo on Mondays: Artists’ Paint Pots

Many artists draw inspiration from nature and it’s not surprising when faced with landscapes which are as beautiful as the one featured in this week’s Imaggeo on Mondays post. Josep Miquel Ubalde Bauló writes about the origin of the colourful mud pots and bobby-socks trees! This picture corresponds to The Artist Paint Pots, found in in Yellowstone, the first National Park of the world. Yellowstone ...[Read More]

Imaggeo on Mondays: Spectacular splatter – the marvels of a mud volcano

Mud volcanoes, unlike many others, do not extrude lava. Instead, they release glutinous bubbling brown slurry of mineral-rich water and sediment. They range in size from several kilometres across, to less than a metre – the little ones are known as mud pots, reflecting their diminutive nature. The world’s largest, though, is Lusi: a mud volcano in East Java that released an astonishing 180,000 cub ...[Read More]