Photo Competition at EGU General Assembly 2011

For the second year there will be a Photo Competition at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011. The finalists are below. To vote in the competition visit The Crystal Lounge, on the Green Level, First Floor of the ACV. In The Crystal Lounge you can view posters of the images and vote at the electronic voting terminals. The winner will be announced in the Crystal Lounge on Friday lunchtime.

Water Angel:A “water angel” seems to appear in the upper part of the Trift Glacier Lake in the Swiss Alps.

A tropical palm tree hit by heavy storm.

A tropical palm tree hit by heavy storm.

The Tempest: Measuring the aurora. This picture was taken while doing an optical/radar coordinated campaign in Svalbard, Norway, near the settlement of Longyearbyen.

Soil Forest: The geological landscape located in Yunnan Province, China is called either the ‘Earth Forest’ or ‘Soil Forest’ and formed by geological movement and soil erosion one or two million years ago. 

Oasis Valley

Oasis Valley

Strong eruption of Karymsky volcano at July 13, 2004, Kamchatka

Geysir (from which the English word, geyser, is derived) in the Haukadalur valley, Iceland. The photograph was taken just before the geyser ‘blew’; you can see the air bubbles rushing towards the surface within the mounting dome of water.

Flow: Folded Cretaceous Calcarenite layers.

Carboniferous arachnid Eophrynus prestvicii: A 3D reconstruction of the 312 million year old arachnid Eophrynus prestvicii, from a CT scan of the fossil. Arachnids such as this – members of the Trigonotarbida – were amongst the first terrestrial predators.

Research Viewpoints from EGU GA 2011

This year on the EGU General Assembly blog there will be guest posts from participants about their research and their impressions of sessions. These are personal points of view not EGU corporate views. If you would like to contribute a research viewpoint, please email us.

EGU Today Blog

The daily newsletter of the EGU General Assembly, EGU Today, has an accompanying blog: EGU Today Blog. The daily columns will be published here with a chance to comment on them. The daily columns in the EGU GA 2011 EGU Today will focus on the question of the role of science in society.

An electronic version of EGU Today is available from the EGUToday website.