GeoEd: Teaching geoscience creatively

Why should teaching geoscience students about societal or economic issues such as population, poverty and health be important? It’s not just because it is relevant contextual knowledge for the modern day geoscientist, but it is also essential for helping give students in primary, secondary or undergraduate education the ‘real life’ application and context they need to understand and enjoy a subjec ...[Read More]

Sending GIFT to Africa: A new collaboration between the EGU, UNESCO and ESA

For the past ten years, the EGU’s Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshops – spreading first hand scientific research to teachers of primary and secondary schools – have been hugely successful in shortening the time that research takes to disseminate from scientist to textbook to teacher and offering usable practical activities for the classroom. GIFT workshops are usually held at the ...[Read More]

The new EGU blog series on Education: GeoEd

Welcome to GeoEd, the new column on GeoLog dedicated to education in the geosciences! This is a series of posts written by the EGU Educational Fellow, Jane Robb that will cover the new and ongoing education initiatives across the EGU, as well as individual posts under the broad global pedagogical theme of education for sustainable development. GeoEd posts are aimed at formal and informal educators ...[Read More]